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Al. Yordanov: Moral depravity screaming from every angle

In INTERVIEW on 11.21.2012 at four past five p.m.
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Al.  Yordanov: Moral depravity screaming from every angle
Alexander Yordanov
Communists are well echeloned. Acting through its generic-family connections that only seem to be getting reflected in different parties - BSP, GERB and before that NMS. No wonder people can be mislead by the next tier - the party of Meglena Kuneva, predicted to Frognews.bg politician-writer. interview Anna Kocheva

- Mr. Yordanov, one of the last books you BLOGO, ERGO, SUM, has a chapter entitled "No personal success in a country where people suffer." I wish I could talk about suffering and personal success. I thought about this in connection with the protest that BSP organized late last week because "suffering" there was erected as the main motive. Did not nastradahme for 23 years and will "work" you still the same argument election: suffering people looking for a new savior?

- "Blogo, Ergo sum!" is a confession, memoir-biography. It share things experienced in politics and diplomacy. What you quoted is one of my truths about the time in which we live. Someone who is not destroyed Christianity in itself, can not be happy when the day met suffering. And not just because people just tie both ends. But because moral depravity screaming from every angle. And that's great wines of the political class to the Bulgarian people. The behavior of the BSP and its supporters is cynical, anti-Christian, immoral. Cause called. "Transition" that is favored communist genera and families and those who were and still are associated with structures of the former State Security. So politicians and BSP theme of the suffering of the people is "politics" and for people in Bulgaria - everyday reality. In Bulgaria are people who are not connected with the Communist Party - past and present. Unfortunately they minipulirani and instead join my voice to be in solidarity, they scattered in many directions. And this is exactly excellent service strategy "former." However Communists are well echeloned. Acting through its generic-family connections that only seem to be getting reflected in different parties - BSP, GERB and before that NMS. No wonder people can be mislead by the next tier - party Meglena Kuneva.

- Clash obviously next year is going to be between GERB and BSP. What do you objective "personal success" that makes sense to oppose to actually make a conscious choice.

- The situation has evolved so that it is possible GERD can not form a government and then will be crucial positions of BSP, DPS and party Kuneva. If it comes to this situation, this would mean that GERD could not understand the simple truth that a long time in politics does not leave without political solidarity. And it is very likely their way to finish early. For three years GERD braced almost all political parties against itself. And they can play a bad number. The generic family-run, however, the elite of GERD will not lose, because where was ongoing, I will run, even if you do not manage.  

- And where is the place of the UDF in this political battle? Many believe that the party is in a state of coma awake? And "you still ke divided" as asked in that anecdote? Because, unfortunately, not blue multiply by simple fission contrary.

- On the first day of its creation until today UDF attack has not stopped. Sun journalists and politicians have to be exercised in speaking against the UDF. Probably because UDF has always been a thorn in everyone generic-family have been linked to the Communist Party and the State Security in the past. It would be another year and then the truth will be the role of the UDF. Of course, the UDF has its faults, blame problems. They came mainly from trusting in the quality of certain individuals and the inability to pre-screen the chaff from the grain in the personnel policy. For example, in the last ten years the struggle between Kostov and Mihaylova Stoyanov (now Neynski) significantly eroded the union. Many other "leaders" who yahaha over the years, the right to his back personal political projects - Zhelev Sofiyanski Bakardzhiev, Kostov Yurukov. The result of the divisions and conflicts visible: a great intellectual and professional capital of Bulgaria, originating from the non-communist world, long remained outside the control of the country and consequently the opportunity to accelerate change and the way in Bulgaria. The key to the eventual comeback of the UDF in the political arena in his name. Union must remember that it is strong, when the Union of Democratic Forces. If it is just another Bulgarian party - no chance.

- At the same time coming December 7th, a date which, alas, few remember what the charge wore 23 years ago. Where are now those with political biography, because resources are left Underused?

- The date today is "uncomfortable" for many. For one, because it conveyed the ideas of cause and UDF or traded them. For others, because they wanted to make their political UDF toy. In fact, the democratic community of Bulgaria had the responsibility and the power to swallow insults and personal conflicts in the name of greater responsibility and purpose - the future of Bulgaria. Many politicians in the UDF not stood up to historical problems that had to decide alliance. Chasing only their personal success, mainly physical. Some of them are still among the wealthy elite in Bulgaria mate with yesterday's enemies of democracy. The picture is sad, Bulgarian. 

- Again, go back to your book. They say that "new faces" come with old meratsi. What meratsi never died in the Bulgarian transition, but more importantly, where are the new faces, where to look?

- Under the "old meratsi" I understand the ambition to use party membership for personal gain. These were "meratsite" the former communist nomenclature and guards of the SS. Such "meratsi" mushroomed and democracy, especially when privatization started. Then some of the "blue" serviced interest communist nomenclature places respectively went back their commissions. If the "new people" go down that road, no good waiting Bulgaria.
- Reflect on the many moral and moral vote, but in the last month this was exacerbated by the death of the Bulgarian Patriarch. There remained an institution that has not produced a scandal (I could be wrong, but not much). But why so happened that the image of BOC venerable National pillar so devalued and where is the way out?

- I do not recognize a spiritual shepherds of God's servants who were not of his people when he banished "traders from the temple" - militant anti-Christian Communist Party. Their passivity even then it was proof that they serve the people and foreign Christian faith interests. And here is the problem, not fictional about "unity" of the church. Because more important is the unity of the faith. But between my faith and that of some senior members of the clergy, a large discrepancy. I have a secret life, and they had one. What does it mean to accept nickname and Cooperation in DC? And hide it from the congregation. Having a double life? How to believe these pastors? Do you remember what was the role of the church in Poland. She stood by his people in their struggle against communism. So Poles late Pope John Paul II is a saint. Carnal and material meratsi of our Fathers are so obvious that arouse disgust. In our Renaissance church clerics won independence. Nowadays prelates participated in the enslavement of the Bulgarian people and place them according to Moscow. And everything is so cowardly that begin to justify those migrating abroad.

- Sam mentioned Poland, where they were ambassador. Lately we hear often from government that Poland and Bulgaria are almost the only EU countries that have not lost their growth in crisis. This comparison is not there in style "Yambol Nerd, Nerd Istanbul" or has reason?

- Today, Poland is where Bulgaria could be, under certain conditions after 10 years. Poland's success is due to the fact that communism was firmly condemned. And nobody crosses his mind to show on TV to promote the former communist nobles and their children and grandchildren. Polish lustration place for all who want to rule the state. So when in the area of management will people from the former State Security structures. In Bulgaria they practically ran the country, or at least the most important sectors in the entire "democratic transition." And that made ​​a difference. As often as "cool" power snatch as many times robbed Bulgaria and brought her to beggary. Reference - management Chervenkov Zhivkov Lukanov Videnov. Or leaving a mountain of problems - Stanishev. 

- Taking out of national cliches, where is the difference between a Pole and a Bulgarian?

- Poles believe in God. Have a sense of national community, to defend and protect its national interests. There are individualists, and share a sense of solidarity. This is reflected in politics and everyday life. For example, EU funds are not stolen, but really with them to implement projects. For a short time, built highways, stadiums, sports halls, sanitation buildings, complete changed the appearance of their towns and villages, have created new industries. Not yurnaha quickly privatized and made ​​it reasonably and in moderation. And most importantly - their politicians act and live modestly and without boasting. Their primary concern is people's incomes grow. While we, the Bulgarians, the vast majority are atheists, individualistic, personal kelepirets chasers. And hvalipratskovtsi. This, it even became routine. 
- You can not skip the topic and Macedonia, incl. and the fact that you are her best connoisseurs. Nearing December when Macedonia expects to receive an invitation to negotiate. Another issue is how genuinely desire the government there to happen. (If it does not, it is clear on whose head shall destroy the blame for that.) However Bulgarian position was far more paternalistic, uncritical, and without conditions. Is not it time to end and how it should be "added together" with Macedonia?

- In its policy towards the Republic of Macedonia we must walk firmly on the ground with both feet - national self-esteem and values. Otherwise lame. Because if you do not respect themselves - their history, culture, identity, traditions, we can not expect others to respect us. With European values ​​is easy. There are clearly defined and rules are the rules of our common European home. Macedonians must comply with them and the members of the European family to decide if they comply. In other words, so-called. "Conditions" are an expression of national self-respect and a European identity. If you do not put conditions and run away from this topic, it means that we fall captive to the Balkan romantic illusions. The historical romance murmuring always support their "brothers" even when they blaspheme and deny our common history, heroes, culture, tradition. A European "romance" type "go go, later will get better" no longer works in the European home. Consequently, Macedonia should be "added together" on European and Bulgarian. We tell our terms and Macedonians have a right to decide - I want the European Union or not. 
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