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Bishop of Sliven not want to be patriarch, not to poison him?

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Santa Ioanikiy not want to be patriarch, fearing not to be poisonous. This version is rolled before the day among the clergy and laity in the Diocese of Sliven.

Examples of violent death than many clerics. The mysterious death of the late metropolitan of Stara Zagora pancreatitis, called "Foreign Minister BOC" still talking. During a dinner on 16 July 1998 with prominent bishops of his sick grandfather pancreatitis, but an ambulance is called only after 40 minutes. Rumor has it that he was poisoned.

In 1972 the Government Hospital in his death U.S. Metropolitan Andrey Velichko. According to sources familiar with the works of the late Bishop Andrew grandfather was probably poisoned with psychotropic substances, damaged slowly, but it does irreversible liver and kidneys. In fact, Bishop comes in at will at home and is drugged and kidnapped by men of the State Security. Immediately after arriving in Sofia is housed in a government hospital "treatment" even though had not had serious health problems. When visiting relatives want, they respond that he is very ill and can not accept them. However, a close managed to break the siege and saw with horror before you a broken old man who looked like a corpse. On top of his head was bandaged Velichko - supposedly he felt sick and fell into the toilet. Several days later, Bishop dies' from a malignant tumor of the left kidney. " This is the official version. All who knew him closely, but be aware that the death of Bishop have dust masters of poisons by the Bulgarian secret service. After the death of Andrei Velichko disappears and his entire archive and values ​​possessed. His niece Bojana Temelkova dared to seek the will of his famous uncle died in a crash staged in Sofia and her husband Demetrius DS is cautioned that if his life is sweet to "stop digging" around treasure grandfather Andrew. This story previously told the "Sliven today and tomorrow," the head of an insurance company in the city under blue stones Lachezar Temelkov. He is the son of Demetrius and Bojana that is a descendant of Andrew Velichko - Bishop, married King Simeon II and Margarita and spoken, that he had a position of over $ 100 million.

One version that my grandfather Andrew was killed, is because it has a unique archive, which is the secret files of Nicola Geshev exposing Todor Zhivkov and other prominent figures in the top echelon of power as agents of superpolitsaya before September 9, 1944

Death of Patriarch Kirill / March 7, 1971 / also shrouded in mystery. Predecessor of Maxim goes away from this world of 70 years, provided that until recently was in excellent health and lives of bishops in the Orthodox Church than 80, often 90 years.

One of the meetings with Patriarch Kirill New York Metropolitan Andrey Velichko is quite interesting. For it says world-renowned sculptor Peykov Asen, who lives and works in Italy and is the author of the grandiose statue of Leonardo da Vinci airport of Rome. Cyril told Santa that he and his companion - Bishop Andrew, targeted for elimination.

"Interferes with the Bulgarian and Soviet State Security. When my work is simple. Only prevent the Bulgarian secret police. If you is another - both disturbing. Especially the KGB! And since we are both elected for life to get rid of us, you will need to cut our earthly life. And I will succeed! "

Then head BOC trusted grandfather Andrew, that there was no attempt to be poisoned. DS commissioned "wet work" of his close-Vozir Dimitar Rizov - painter, historian and photographer who helped Cyril in reading some archives. One day Vozir came running in the privacy of the patriarch, pale as a sheet, and he admitted that he drove from DC to poison him. It would explain how.

"I ordered him to take poison and bring it to me - as if he tried to poison me. And just then he most unexpectedly passed away and those of the second DS sent me poisoner. Again Friend - Tchaprichikoff, relative to the banker Tchaprichikoff Krum, and hence Chieftain Yane Sandanski. And this line and the writer Dimitar Dimov. He often came with me to bring me coffee, tea, honey - hey, so as a gift. I confessed, and then the same day when he charged him. The third time will be my acquaintance or friend and will probably fail ..., "said Patriarch Kirill to Bishop Andrew. Soon after, the spiritual leader of Bulgaria dies in Sofia.

The history of Bulgaria there are many cases of poisoned prelates. For example, with the Lovech Bishop Dionysius before the liberation.

When in 1873 I exarch calls to the Holy Synod elected a new bishop Lovchanski to announce his choice, he said to him, "Xia NADENA that you will be faithful to Orthodoxy, the kingdom and the Church in the fight with the Greek patriarch, Xia not know kakava will take off. " In Lovech Lovech Dionysius denounced Turkish abuses and urging the Turkish government to investigate. Because that is poisonous only 35 years. In the "Flag" Hristo Botev it mentions "among our martyred victims, whose names will be illuminated on the day of vengeance! Amen "According Botev young Bishop was poisoned because denouncing abuse Sofia Governor Maasar Pasha (" Bulgars - dzhelatinat of Vasil Levski ") and kaymakam of Lovech" monster in the full sense of the word. "

As an example of the elimination of the most senior cleric in the recent history of Christianity in the world according predecessor John Paul II - Pope John Paul I. Cardinal Albino Luciano as his real name, the papacy only 33 days and during the night of 28 to 29 September 1978 died mysteriously. John Paul I suddenly left this world after the Vatican decided to disconnect from the tentacles of the octopus - the Sicilian Mafia, banks, money laundering and IOR Banco Ambrosiano, the Masonic lodges, mostly P-2, and its executives Jelly, Sindona, Calvi , Marchinkus etc.

A few days before Pope John Paul I to be liquidated when it arrives on an official visit Leningrad Metropolitan Nicodemus / spiritual father of the current Russian Patriarch Kirill /. During the conversation, the Pope decided to drink coffee, and Russian Bishop - tea. When serving is confusion - the head of the Roman Catholic Church is served tea and coffee - his guest. They kindly swap glasses and continue the conversation on Christian themes. A few hours later Bishop Nicodemus collapses and dies. The same was repeated with his home a few days later.
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